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Young Pro Award3

Dillon Brewer, Cloninger Toyota

Dillon Brewer is an exemplary figure in the Rockwell community, demonstrating exceptional commitment in his roles as a Town Alderman and a key player in the town’s revival. His leadership in Cheer City Riot and as the Director of Tailgating for The Roaring Riot has been instrumental in boosting community spirit and pride. Professionally, Dillon excels at Cloninger Toyota, ranking impressively in the top 600 of 11,000 salespeople nationwide. His active participation in Civitan and Salisbury Rotary, along with his involvement in local events and festivals, highlight his deep-seated dedication to community service and development.

In addition to these accomplishments, Dillon has been a pivotal force in the growth of Rowan Young Professionals. He not only contributes his time and expertise but also makes personal financial investments to ensure the group's expansion. His continuous promotion of the group on social media, warm welcome to new members, and leadership in community activities like the kickball team and Dragon Boat Festival teams exemplify his collaborative nature. Furthermore, his initiative in organizing a cornhole tournament fundraiser showcases his innovative approach to supporting young professionals.

Dillon’s multifaceted contributions reflect both his professional prowess and his deep commitment to nurturing and promoting his community in Rockwell.



Mollie Ruf, Rowan EDC

Mollie Ruf is a dynamic communications professional and a notable member of the Rowan County community. Originally hailing from Kansas City, Missouri, Mollie made the move to Rowan County in 2009 after earning her B.S. in Communications from Florida Southern College. Her journey from an outsider to a pivotal community figure is a testament to her passion for supporting local businesses, fostering professional growth, and building meaningful relationships.

In 2019, recognizing the need for a platform where young professionals could connect, grow, and thrive, Mollie founded the Rowan Young Professionals program. This initiative not only became a cornerstone for career development and networking but also served as a welcoming beacon for newcomers to the area, ensuring they found a supportive and vibrant community awaiting them.

Mollie's professional path took a significant turn when she transitioned from Miller Davis, a local full service marketing agency, to take on the role of Marketing Manager at the Rowan EDC. Her career shift coincided with her receiving the inaugural Rowan Young Professional of the Year award in 2023, a recognition of her tireless efforts and impact on the community. At the Rowan EDC, Mollie's fervor for attracting talent and fostering community engagement found new heights. She spearheads the talent attraction campaign, marrying her love for the community with her expertise in communications to drive Rowan County's growth and prosperity.

The criteria for this award include:

  • A Rowan Chamber member who has provided a leadership role in the Young Professionals program.
  • Attended at least 80% of the Young Professionals events in the previous year.
  • Donated time and /or resources willingly and enthusiastically to the Young Professionals group.