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Spain and the Costa Del Sol

November 1-9, 2021

From $2,899 air and land

9 days, 7 nights including hotels, meals, day trips, and airfare from Charlotte, NC

Spain and Costa Del Sol

Immerse yourself in the sunshine of legendary Costa del Sol, and then embark on a discovery of its exciting history of explorers and invaders. Hilltop citadels, elaborate cathedrals and palaces, brilliantly whitewashed houses, and quaint Andalusian courtyards speak of the many cultures that graced Southern Spain. This once-great stronghold of Muslim Spain is rich in beauty, history, and tradition, and contains some of the country's most celebrated architectural wonders: the Alhambra in Granada, the great Gothic cathedral in Seville, the Alcazar, and the incredible sight of Ronda, perched dramatically on a bluff overlooking a plunging gorge.

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