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The Rowan County Chamber of Commerce has been presenting the Leadership Rowan program for 31 years with over 750 graduates. Already existing leaders and budding community volunteers are encouraged to apply for this elite program. For one day a month for nine-months, participants get an in-depth view of community issues, develop skills necessary to assume leadership roles and are exposed to community involvement opportunities. The nine session topics are: History and Power; Public Education; Criminal Justice; Human Needs; Government; Business and the Economy; Communications; and Quality of Life.  Leadership Rowan provides Class Members the opportunity to meet key community leaders. You will also work with your Class Members on important community homework projects and debate the issues of the day. The Opening Retreat SIMSOC exercise is one of the most powerful leadership development tools you will ever experience!

The 2024-2025 program will feature topics such as: Social Media; Public Speaking; Crisis Communications; Conflict Management; Media Relations; Grant Funding; Economic Development (how incentives work); Entrepreneurial Development; and Diversity Training.  Participants will study the qualities that make an effective leader, understand their own leadership styles and develop new skills that will help them in the workplace. They are then challenged to apply their talents by volunteering for local boards and commissions and possibly running for elected office.


Participants are required to attend a Kickoff Reception on Thurs., August 8, 4 p.m., an  Opening Retreat on August 22-23 and nine (9) Class Days from Sept. 2024 – May 2025 on the Third Thursday of each month from 7:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. (full day, including breakfast) attendance at all sessions is required). All participants are required to ride on the bus for the Retreat and all Class Sessions.
Each Class Day will be facilitated by Leadership Rowan graduates and other key leaders. Both the discussion leader and participants will be encouraged to speak freely from their experiences in political, social, cultural, education and economic facets of the community. By free exchange of ideas and experiences, you will develop a deeper understanding of the community.

Those interested in the Leadership Rowan program need to make a serious commitment. Employers must agree in advance to grant participants time off from their duties to attend the full day and prepare for the session. Upon graduation, you will be presented with your personalized Leadership Rowan certificate in an attractive frame suitable for display in your office or home. Leadership Graduates are required to be on a team that plans one day for the next year’s Class.

Be sure to check out our NEW Youth Leadership Rowan Program!


Tuition for the program is $1000 for Chamber members and $1,500 for non-members. This fee will cover the Reception, Opening Retreat, FREE tickets to the Chamber's popular Power in Partnership breakfast meeting, Class Day Luncheon, snacks and program materials.

Application deadline for the 2024-2025 Leadership Rowan Class is Friday, May 17, 2024 at 5:00 p.m.