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  • The Rowan County Chamber of Commerce Annual Business
    Show allows over 70 exhibitors to showcase their products
    and services. This event is open to the public with free
    parking, free admission and great door prizes at each booth!
    Have tacos on us- 11 am until 2 pm, courtesy of EL PATRON MEXICAN RESTAURANT!

    Thursday, May 1, 11 am -4  pm

    The Event Center, 315 Webb Rd. 
     (Exit 70 off 1-85, only 6 miles from downtown Salisbury & 3 miles from China Grove)

    Business Mascot Dancing Contest 2 pm!

  • Rules & Regulations


    Exhibit space will be assigned randomly, only after payment is received. Cash, check, charge (by phone or mail) are accepted ($275 per booth.) Trade Show sponsors will be assigned prime exhibit space in exchange for their financial support of the event. Exhibitors must be Chamber Members. Space is limited and no space will be held under any circumstance without advance payment. You are responsible for setting up and taking down my exhibit, per instructions provided to me by the Chamber (no early tear-downs.)  You are expected to staff your booth at all times during the show (11 a.m. until 4 p.m.). The Chamber and The Event Center will not be responsible for any losses. Included with your exhibit space reservation fee of $275: Pipe and drape separating my space from other exhibitors and presenting a professional image with one 6' table with black or white floor length tablecloth and chairs. Conference area booths are first come, first serve. Failure to return the tablecloth at the end of the show (4 p.m.) will result in $15 replacement cost billed to your membership.

    With the exception of sponsors, all exhibit space is assigned via random drawing.  Every effort is made not to place competitors near one another. Booths and sponsorships are nonrefundable.

    ·        This is a business Trade Show. Please do not use your booth for political purposes. 

    ·        All booths are $275. The first paid 55 booths will be in the conference area with approx.  7- 8” feet x 6-8” feet space.

    ·        Set up time is 8:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. Thursday, May 1, 2014. The show's hours are 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. Seminars will be held in the Business Center.

    ·        Your booth must be set up 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. during the show May 1.  (No exceptions, failure to do so in 2014 could prevent you from exhibiting in the future.)

    ·        Your booth includes pipe and black drape and one 6' table with black floor length tablecloth.

    ·        Due to the dark walls of the facility, some of the areas may need additional lighting. Plan on bringing extra lights for your display for the best effect.

    ·        The tablecloth must be checked out at the Chamber welcome table when you set up and returned at the end of the show (limited supply.)

    ·        Exhibitor parking will be designated.

    ·        If you do not need your table, please let The Event Center staff know during set-up. Chairs will be provided.

    ·        Smoking is not allowed inside The Event Center.

    ·        The Event Center has wireless high speed internet.

    ·        Electricity is available for all booths but you should bring plenty of heavy-duty extension cords and power strips for your display. Please notify The Event Center Staff if you need help with electricity set-up.

    ·        The Rowan County Chamber of Commerce and The Event Center are not responsible for any theft, loss or damage that may result from your exhibit being unattended.

    ·        Do not pin anything to the booth drapes.

    ·        Please label all equipment.

    ·        The volume of any sound equipment in use in your exhibit should be kept to a minimum and should not disturb other exhibitors. 

    ·        Please do not block the visibility of your neighbor’s booth with your display.  When installing your exhibit, whether a tabletop or full height back wall display, the exhibit should be located at the rear of the booth against the back drape to keep your  booth open and inviting.

    ·        All exhibits are to be removed by 9:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 1.  No exceptions.

    ·        Clean up required once show is over at 4 p.m. with your own removal of trash. Trash cans will be provided. Displays cannot be removed before 4 p.m.

    Tips for a Successful Show

    Helpful Webinar: http://www.tradegroup.com/info-center/webinars/all-new-booth-staff-training-webinar/

    What makes a great Trade Show Booth for retailers 4 minute video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-QHlX7lznw

    Before the Show- Planning makes all the difference. 

    Plan a budget. Set goals.

    Plan your theme or decorations. Send out invitations to prospects to meet you in person at your booth. Put the Business Show sign up at your place of business mentioning that you are an exhibitor. 

    Plan what printed materials you'll need for show handouts (approximately 1000-2000 people visit the show; one person could see approx. 10-20%+ of those people. The more staff, the more contacts you can make.)

    Make sure you have your key players to work the show with a lot of enthusiasm. 

    Have items for sale! Display and sell your product. Starburst with special features are effective advertising visuals.

    Market what makes you different from the competition.    

    Plan “networking time” for your staff with other businesses.

    Remember, your booth should tell the attendee who you are and what you do in three seconds. Why are you here, what are you selling? Effective messages are a block of words you can walk by and read in 20 seconds. Keep your exhibit open and inviting. Do not block your exhibit with a table. Ask people to come in and look around!

    Give a demonstration.

    Most exhibits are too visually cluttered. Try to think of your graphic presentation as a billboard, not a bulletin board.

    When setting up your booth there will be only a few carts available at the entrances. Please use and return promptly.

    You never know what you’ll need or what will happen once you are at the show.  The most aggravating time is spent scrambling for the necessities.  Make sure you pack a “Supply/Emergency Box” and include:


    Day of the Show 

    Congratulations, you have been chosen to represent your company at the business show!

    • Try to maintain a schedule for your associates not exceeding 2 to 3 hours between breaks to stay fresh.
    • Body Language needs to be inviting.  Hold arms to side or in back.  Be 'border conscious' of what's happening at the edges of the booth.
    • Smile!
    • Focus on quality leads.
    • Don't hand out expensive literature.  High quality printed brochures are very expensive and as much as 50% of all trade show literature can end up in the trashcans.  
    • Wear comfortable shoes.
    • Avoid eating spicy or garlicky foods during the show.
    • Don't sit or read in your booth. 

    Generating Leads

    You will need to have a drawing at your booth for a door prize (valued at $25+) and collect leads! It is important to not only collect business cards from attendees, but to make short, critical notes about the person, business, interests and needs.  Jot some notes to yourself on a separate piece of paper dealing with attendees' questions or other interaction that would warrant a follow up call or letter. You can also have 2nd place winners for smaller prizes. Our Ambassador will call people who were not present to win to pick up the prizes for you.

    Promotional items

    Do freebies work? Research suggests that giveaways at booths generate more leads. It's funny to think that thousands of purchasing decisions can be influenced by a yo-yo or a candy cane, but that's the way human nature is. The gismos help get attendees' attention.  Make your booth fun and exciting in order to draw a crowd! Make your booth stand out!  Don't leave giveaways piled on your table, it would be too easy to grab and run. Give them away to people who take the time to answer a question, hear your message or fill out a entry form!

    Do coupons work? People love coupons and if they do not have a use for them, they sometimes give them away. People like to share coupons and coupons mean “cash.”  Try to make that coupon a business show advertising tool so the results of the show are measurable.

    After the Show

    When you’re done, you’re not done. Take an hour to sort through the notes and materials you bring back. Put this off for even a few days and you are likely to lose some of the key information about each note you made or business card you collected.

    The basic follow-up: All leads should be contacted within one week - No exceptions. Collect any distributed coupons that were for the business show only. If the winner of your door prize was not present to win, make sure they are notified in a very timely manner.

    ~Have fun when you make sales and thank customers for visiting your booth~

     Any questions?  Please call the Chamber 704-633-4221.