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    Rowan County Chamber of Commerce

    Corporate Health Cup

    10,000 Mile Challenge

    WHO:  Rowan County Local Businesses

    WHAT: Challenge local businesses to accumulate 10,000 miles over the course of a 6 month health and fitness event


    Get your business together and participate in any type of physical fitness event to build up your miles.  You can run, jog, bike, swim, and even play golf!  This is a great opportunity to get your employees to work together in order to achieve a goal that will not only benefit themselves, but the community as a whole.

    • Log in and record your miles
    • Keep up with your target
    • Reach the 10,000 Mile goal

    Corporate Health Cup Point System

    *All points are counted per person who participates*

    Awards will be given!

    1.Company with Most Overall Miles
    2.Company with Most Overall Miles per Employee
    3.Employee with Most Overall Miles
    4.Frequent Flyer Award (person with highest event participation)
    5.Frequent Flock Award (company with highest event participation)
    6.Most Interesting Event Submission
    7.Company with Most Employee’s Participating at a Single Event
    8.The General Award (leader who was consistent with employees marking their miles every week)


    Please submit your information via email to cdeese@rowanchamber.com  by July 22.