• Conference Rooms

    Looking for a place to meet outside of your business? As a Chamber Member, you can use the rooms twice a month for free. Each additional use is $50. The amenities include podium, drop down screen and/or  projection equipment with audio and video and WIFI. First floor room accommodates 15 people and 2nd floor room seats 45. Need something smaller? Check out the first floor room inside the Chamber office. Please note: bring your laptop and necessary cables to connect.

    If you wish to book a conference room please fill out the form via the link below.

      Meeting Room Request: http://visitsalisburync.com/meeting/


  • Meeting Room Use Agreement

    Policy for Outside Organizations using Gateway Conference rooms:

    • No meetings before 8am unless you have prior arrangements with your sponsor.
    • The Gateway Building does not open until 8am, Monday-Friday.
    • Second (2nd) Floor Conference Room has access to Kitchen
    • If your meeting is scheduled to start after 5pm, keys must be picked up no later than 4:30pm on the day that the Conference Room is being used.
    • Key must be returned to the front desk by 5pm the following day. If key is not returned by 5pm, Organization will forfeit its ability to use the Gateway Building Conference rooms in the future.
    • If the key is lost, there will be a $10 fee charged to the Organization. Organization will not be able to use Gateway Building Conference rooms until the $10 fee has been paid
    • Meetings after 5pm Monday – Thursday need to end by 8pm. All attendees need to be out of the building and everything closed up by this time.
    • No outside doors should be propped open. DO NOT UNLOCK doors to the outside of the building. Please have someone standing at the entrance way into the building to lets members of your group into the building.
    • Remove all trash and put the room back into order the way that you found it
    • Meetings of  outside organizations will not be schedule between the hours of 5pm on Friday and 8am on Monday
    • Our meeting spaces may only be used for business meetings.  Parties, religious services and political rallies are not permitted.
    • If any of these polices are not followed or adhered to, the Organization will jeopardize its chance of using the Gateway Building Conference Rooms.
    • To schedule a conference room please follow this link http://visitsalisburync.com/meeting/  to complete the required form.