• Rowan County Business Licensing

    A Business Privilege License is required for all commercial activities within Rowan County. Selected businesses are exempted from paying a privilege license tax and are identified with NC General Statutes (Chapter 105).

    Business privilege licenses are issued by the Rowan County Tax Collector's Office upon obtaining zoning approval. After obtaining the necessary information and the privilege license tax has been paid, the licenses are generally issued within one visit to the tax department.  However, extenuating circumstances may delay or prevent sameday issuance on a case by case basis.

    The privilege license tax is based upon the nature of the business activity. Please check this link for up to date information: www.rowancountync.gov/GOVERNMENT/Departments/TaxCollector/BusinessLicenses/tabid/296/Default.aspx 

    The North Carolina General Statutes may affect the tax rate. Licenses are good for the current fiscal year only, expiring on June 30 of any given year. Renewal notices are sent via first class mail in early May.

    A business license is also required for beer and wine.  After obtaining a temporary permit from the North Carolina ABC Commission and zoning approval, the license can be issued.  Licenses are good from April to April.  Renewal notices are sent via first class mail in March.

    For more information, contact the Rowan County Colllector's Office at (704) 216-8544.