• Ambassador Testimonials

    At 8:30 am on Friday , September 6th, ten members of the Rowan County Chamber Ambassadors Council and staff  met in the Chamber’s parking lot for our inaugural Surprise Patrol Visit to an unsuspecting chamber member.  Loaded with flowers, balloons and candy our group caravanned across town to surprise the management and employees of Johnson Concrete Company, Inc. on Klumac Road.  And, you know what?  We definitely surprised them!

    As our Ambassador group filled the small reception area armed with our gifts we were greeted by Patti Brown and Susan Jaramillio.  We are still not sure if their looks were that of skepticism or fear!  We quickly put them at ease by explaining the purpose of our visit was simply to say “thank you” for being a long time Chamber member and a loyal community partner.

    We asked if Charles Newsome, Vice President and General Manager, was available and after some debate they sent out a search party to round him up.  He was eventually found in the plant yard and was summoned to the office.  By this time we had been joined by Cheryl Williams, Ken Morrison, Tracey Owen, Angie Pethel and site manager Mike Johnson.  As one might imagine, the reception area was really full at this point so we made our way outside.

    Once outside, Charles gave us a brief, but wonderful, history of Johnson Concrete Company.  Growth was evident by the on-going expansion of their pipe plant.  Charles suggested that we walk to the outdoor  retail center of the site for pictures.  What a beautiful location for pictures!  It gave us a wonderful vision of how Johnson Concrete’s products can be used to enhance your patio or fireplace areas. 

    Good byes were said at least a dozen times because no one wanted to leave.  What a wonderful morning we had for our first Surprise Patrol visit.  Thank you Johnson Concrete for making our visit so special and enjoyable.  Hopefully, this was the first of many visits to come.  Watch out, Rowan County!  You may be visited by the next Ambassador Council’s Surprise Patrol!

    Ambassador Chair Tony Shaw